Meet Our Volunteers and Interns: Miranda Harkins

In the next installment in our volunteer and intern interview series, we get to know one of our intern alumni, Miranda Harkins! Miranda was an intern at the Center during the Fall 2019 school semester. Thank you for your hard work, Miranda!!

Miranda Harkins

When did you start interning for the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh?

Fall Semester of 2019

What did you like about interning with the Holocaust Center?

I liked observing the tours and lectures that were given at the Center to local schools. It was important to me to see how a sensitive subject such as the holocaust was taught to a younger audience and how to bring them into the conversation.

Why did you want to intern with the Holocaust Center? What interested you about what the Center does?

I have always been interested in this area of history along with my interest in pursuing a museum career and the Holocaust Center was the perfect place to start that journey. I was interested in seeing how the center worked with the local community and how they connected the local community’s history with the history of the Holocaust.

When did you first become interested in the subject of the Holocaust, and/ or what got you interested in the topic (book, movie, meeting someone, etc.)?

I first became interested in the subject of the Holocaust when I was in middle school and the subject was taught to me. It was a subject that stuck with me more than any other era of history. It became important to me to delve into its history and learn everything I could about it.

Describe your most memorable moment of interning with the Holocaust Center.

The most memorable moment to me was listening to testimonies given by local Holocaust survivors and researching how their lives progressed after the Holocaust. It was why I had gotten interested in interning for the center from the very beginning.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy reading, collecting records, and hiking.

Share a “fun fact” about yourself, or just something that people would be surprised to know about you?

I graduated college during the Covid-19 pandemic and was a part of the first class at Pitt to have a digital graduation instead of an in-person graduation.

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