Remembering the White Rose

by Ryan Woodward
Library & Education Associate

The story of the White Rose is not complete without mention of the group’s unique methods of non-violent resistance to the Nazis. Often, when learning about resistance to the Nazis and opposition to the war, most immediately think of armed resistance, seen for example in the actions of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, the French Resistance, and other underground movements throughout Europe. The examples of resistance that did not involve weapons, violence, or armed conflict can be easily overlooked or not considered. When learning more or teaching about resistance to oppressive regimes, genocide, or other world conflicts, it is crucial to understand the nuances and equal value found in various forms of resistance.

The following titles, representing various genres and reading levels, provide not only insight to a single student-led resistance movement, but also introduce the idea that there was more than one method to standing up, to speaking out, to resisting. Many titles featured here are available through the ACLA Library’s eiNetwork catalog.

Sophie Scholl: Daring Activist of World War II (Women Warriors of World War II)
by Salima Alikhan and Alessia Trunfio (2022)
ISBN: ‎978-1666333985

Women Heroes of World War II: 32 Stories of Espionage, Sabotage, Resistance, and Rescue
by Kathryn J. Atwood (2019, Second Edition)
ISBN: ‎978-1641600064

Freiheit!: The White Rose Graphic Novel
by Andrea Grosso Ciponte (2021)
ISBN: 978-0874863444

Sophie Scholl and the White Rose 75th Anniversary Edition
by Annette Dumbach and Jud Newborn (2018)
ISBN: ‎978-1786072504

We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler
by Russell Freedman (2016)
ISBN: ‎978-0544223790

Women in the Resistance and in the Holocaust: The Voices of Eyewitnesses
Edited by Vera Laska (1983)
ISBN: 978-0313234576

Red Orchestra: The Story of the Berlin Underground and the Circle of Friends Who Resisted
by Anne Nelson (2009)
ISBN: ‎978-1400060009

Germans Against Nazism: Nonconformity, Opposition and Resistance in the Third Reich: Essays in Honour of Peter Hoffmann
Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and Lawrence D. Stokes (2015, second edition)
ISBN:‎ 978-1782388159

At the Heart of the White Rose: Letters and Diaries of Hans and Sophie Scholl
by Hans Scholl , Sophie Scholl, et al. (2017)
ISBN: ‎978-0874860290

The White Rose: Munich, 1942–1943
by Inge Scholl, Arthur R. Schultz, et al. (1983)
ISBN:‎ 978-0819560865

Conscience before Conformity: Hans and Sophie Scholl and the White Rose resistance in Nazi Germany
by Paul Shrimpton (2018)
ISBN:‎ 978-0852448434

White Rose
by Kip Wilson (2021)
ISBN: ‎978-0358376699

CHUTZ-POW! Superheroes of the Holocaust: Volume Two: International Heroes
by Wise Wise, et al. (2016)
ISBN: ‎978-0578499420

The Prime Stage Theatre and Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh sponsored production of The White Rose is available to stream through May 8, 2022. Visit Prime Stage Theatre to purchase tickets for the play or to access supplementary interviews and resource guides for educators.

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