Reflections 25 Years After Schindler’s List

by Ryan Woodward, Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh Library and Education Associate Twenty-five years ago. I am 15 years old and sitting in a crowded theater in my hometown. Schindler’s List has just been released and there doesn’t appear to be an empty seat. My whole family is here, my brother and I sit together near … Continue reading Reflections 25 Years After Schindler’s List


Reflections on Antisemitism

A guest post by Debbie Stueber, community and Generations member. I was in first grade in Long Island NY when I first experienced antisemitism. My classmate Joan and I were talking about grandparents and I told her 3 out of 4 of mine were murdered in In Auschwitz.. her response was to call me a dirty … Continue reading Reflections on Antisemitism

Remembering the Children: A Reflection by Noah Levitt

Formerly known as "Twinning," the Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh's Remembering the Children B'nei Mitzvah Project provides an opportunity for students to honor and share their bar or bat mitzvah ceremony with a child who experienced the Holocaust and did not get to have their own ceremony. As part of this process, students complete a reflection … Continue reading Remembering the Children: A Reflection by Noah Levitt

Comprehending Hateful Violence…

The Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh received a reflective response from Ava, a high school senior at Woodland Hills High School, following the shooting at Tree of Life, Or l'Simcha Synagogue last weekend. In her writing, Ava expresses her reaction to this tragic event, and we hope that her words will help others to ask themselves difficult questions and process unfathomable acts … Continue reading Comprehending Hateful Violence…